Road Trip Music

The most important thing to any road trip is a good playlist.  You could be lost and it would be okay because the music is good.  It should inspire you to belt out the lyrics and yell at the top of your lungs.  Little bit of a warning, it might cause you to have road rage.   My friend Brooke and I are going to Myrtle Beach, SC.  It isn’t the coolest place to be, but it is away from home and I got free tickets.  So we both made two cds for the road…and I must say that we did a pretty bang up job!!  So here is some help on concocting the perfect mix of oldies, rock, and new stuff.

1.  You have to have songs that you secretly love to sing but publically hate.  I will warn you that you might want to make sure you are comfortable with the people you will be driving.  I would ignore this option when taking a road trip with co-workers to a convention of some sort.  They will judge you.  My picks for this cateogory would be Hootie and the Blowfish, “I Only Want to Be With You.”  Somehow the song just makes me want to belt out the chorus..because I really only know..I only want to be with you.   This choice might really only be on for 30 seconds; which is long enough to get it out of your system.

2.  Next, there has to be songs that remind you of your youth.  For this, brooke made a cd of our favorite boyband (don’t judge us, you had one too) so we sang some backstreet boys, britany spears, kelly clarkson, and avril lavigne.  These are the songs that you have on your ipod but you just never find the right time to listen to them.  Warning, people will look at you weird because it is hard to sing them sitting still…they regularly come with some kind of hand motions or awkward dance moves.

3.  Then, there are the songs that you get from VH1.  You never really recall these song being big, but your parents might.  For my music mix this included, Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me,” Cyndi Lauper “Time after Timer,” and anything by bon jovi or aerosmith.

4.  Finally, the songs that you just put on every playlist you have or cd you make.  You love it so much you play it out in two weeks.  Of course this isn’t your fault, most likely the radio stations play it 4 times and hour.  Our choice for this song was, “Misery Business,” by Paranoid, “If I Were A Boy,” by Beyonce, and “Live Your Life,” by TI and Rhianna.


About knbohman

I am 25 years old. I work in Charleston. I have a pretty ridiculous imagination. If I were quieter I think I could of been an amazing librarian or museum curator. I love crafting and reading books. If I don't know something, normally I will just make it up and say it with confidence. If I had more courage I could of been a stand-up comedian. I love learning facts and quotes...and one day I will try out for jeopardy.
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