Over the summer- we had two interns from SouthEasternUniversity.  If you are called to ministry and have the cash flow- or qualify to borrow some cash- you should think about it.  One of the things they brought with them, is the LifeJournal.  It has revolutioned my devotional life- in that it helps me be constant.  It is structured so that that I am not just wandering through the Bible, picking and choosing what I land on- but it gives me freedom to pickout and pick up on what God is speaking to you. You can buy the journal- but I don’t like spiral books- they wear quick and the slight amount of OCD in my life doesn’t allow for bad notebooks.  So I read the text that they tweet me everyday and then I follow their SOAP outline. 

I find a Scripture that really grabs me and I write it down, then I make Observations- who is speaking, whats going, what is wrong, what is right, or who are they talking about.  Then I make Applications- how does this look in my life, how does this change me, what am I doing right or wrong.  Then I write a Prayer- just a short one that sticks as a reminder for the day.  Doing this daily for a year means that I have read the Old Testament once, read the New Testament twice, been faithful in devotion, and have 365 sermons that the Lord spoke to my heart.


About knbohman

I am 25 years old. I work in Charleston. I have a pretty ridiculous imagination. If I were quieter I think I could of been an amazing librarian or museum curator. I love crafting and reading books. If I don't know something, normally I will just make it up and say it with confidence. If I had more courage I could of been a stand-up comedian. I love learning facts and quotes...and one day I will try out for jeopardy.
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