The Capital, the City, and the Village

My time in Nepal is in one of these three places.   They are so different yet they each contain some aspect of Nepali culture.

Partial View of Kathmandu

The capital is, of course, Kathmandu.  I haven’t seen it all- or discovered even the tip of the iceburg, but from what I have seen- it is amazing, full of new sites and touches of home.  I arrived at Kathmandu late at night- I think around 11, I was so jet lagged- I would of followed any white person home- luckily, my group was right past customs.  The next day, before we went to pick up Carolina- we went driving around Kathmandu.
It was pretty nerve racking- you kinda stop

looking at the traffic and just take the sights in.  The stores stock things that remind me of home- there are tea shops on every corner and its going to take me forever to discovery the city secrets.  The thing I hate about the capital is the pollution- it sits in a valley so polluted air just hangs in the air…and it is foggy and hazy- and smells.
The city is the half way home between the capitol and the village.  It is about anywhere from 16 to 18 hour car ride.  It doesn’t have the restaurants or the wide selection in the supermarkets- but it does have people who start to recognize

View from my roof.

you, and my neighbors know me- so that is nice.  The bakery always has bread or cookies- and if you want to eat “normal food” I hear they can  make a great pizza.  The hotels, most of the time have sprite or a coke- the neighborhood milk lady drops off a liter of buff milk most mornings and everyday I can go to the open market for fruits and veggies- (Sidenote- Nepal has the best apples known to man, I don’t know what they do to them here- but they are perfectly sweet and crisp) Her family is

The other view from my roof.

The other view from my roof.

always there giggling as I butcher their language- but they help me pronounce new words.  Shopkeepers want to share tea- which makes any trip 30 minutes longer- and any directions promises a steep hill to walk up or down. However, the view of the mountains are breathtaking- and on clear days I can see their snow cap tops.

The village is going to by my favorite part- even though I haven’t been yet.  We are still in the process of finding a village and farming- but I know we are going to find a perfect fit-and I will

Rows made by hand- and sometimes a cow.

Rows made by hand- and sometimes a cow.

love it.  We got to “practice” farming while we were living in the city- we went to a neighboring village and helped plant eggplant, chilies, and green peppers.  I loved learning the Nepali


This is step 5 of 9- breaking up clumps of dirt and getting the rocks out.

method…which basically means doing everything
by hand.  It’s going to be backbreaking work- but I am excited about the harvest. 🙂


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