Nepali Lessons in Cooking

Our Nepali tutor’s name is Samaa- however, names aren’t really used in Nepal.  Normally you call

Caro and Didi Samaa

everyone some form older brother/sister or younger brother sister.  If you can’t tell who is younger default to older- being older here is better.  So for older brother and sister it is dhaai and didi and younger brother or sister is bhai or bhaini.  It is kinda nice, because names are really hard to remember- so this way you just have to remember four words.
 Anyways, last Sunday after our lesson, didi asked if we wanted to learn to cook Nepali food.  Of course we did, I had literally told this to my roommate the night before- so we followed her home.  There we learned to make echar, momos, roti- and then rice pudding for dessert.  It was so good.  A typical Nepali meal consists, of daal bhat (rice and
lentils), curried thakarri (vegetables) roti (flat bread- normally with vegetables cooked into it or just plain) and then echar (it is like a chutney or spicy sauce- a little goes a long way)  Momo’s are

Making roti filled with potato.

Making roti filled with potato.

more Indian I think but a lot of Nepali’s eat them- it is basically vegetables, occasionally with meat, in a flour dough and steamed.  You can dip them in just about anything.

Everything was freshly bought from the market, everyday we end up at the fruit/vegetable stand-  It was hard going from the American mindset of buying everything you need for that week, or two weeks – to buying what you need in the next couple of hours- but honestly I like having to stop at the market stand everyday or twice a day.  We made the dough for the roti, most of the vegetables her mother in law cut up, [cabbage, cauliflower, onions, carrots, garlic, tomatoes, and mushrooms] made the dough for the momo’s and started browning the seeds for the echar. Everything works like clockwork- by the time the veggies were cooked down, the dough was ready for the momos to be filled- the echar was made first and then cooled, and the roti was cooked up and eaten as it was cooked.
I have no idea how my tutor gets up and makes daal bhat every morning before coming to teach us, and then goes home and makes dinner for her whole family – especially since she is done with her last student at 6 pm.



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