The Bathroom Situation.

You may want to skip this one- but I am sure someone has wondered about the bathrooms.  Well
this is mine in the city. (not the first pic…but the second one)
a squatty...and a pretty clean one at that.

a squatty…and a pretty clean one at that.

 The best part is that I have a toilet- in the village we have an asian toilet….also known as a squatty potty- and we just won’t be talking about that.
Anyways, the red tank covered in sweet flower plastic is full of gas. [I often wonder what would happen if it blew up… but I like hot water…so I just pray when I use it.]  It is what warms the water so we can have hot showers….except there isn’t really a warm setting.  It is ice cold or flesh burning hot.  Self preservation normally leads to filling up a bucket of boiling hot water and mixing it with ice cold water- and pouring the mix over your head.
My favorite part of the Nepal bathroom- is the 87 nozzles.  Seriously there are always about 6 or 7 knobs for water… half of them don’t work and the other half have to work together to get water……the one I will never use…looks
My sweet bathroom in the city. like the kitchen sink sprayer.  That my friends is for when you don’t want to use toilet paper.

About knbohman

I am 25 years old. I work in Charleston. I have a pretty ridiculous imagination. If I were quieter I think I could of been an amazing librarian or museum curator. I love crafting and reading books. If I don't know something, normally I will just make it up and say it with confidence. If I had more courage I could of been a stand-up comedian. I love learning facts and quotes...and one day I will try out for jeopardy.
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3 Responses to The Bathroom Situation.

  1. Natalie says:


  2. Jody bohman says:

    Some things you just want to leave to the American imagination!

  3. all the splatter…*shiver*

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