[I write blogs throughout my time in the village…so often things change by the time I have to post…. but I still want to post them even if they aren’t true anymore]

Caro and I about the trek down the mountain!

Caro and I about the trek down the mountain!

Senorita Spice had to leave yesterday.  Her father was really sick and she was needed at home at this time.  It was sudden, it was sad, and it sucked.  Watching her pack her stuff and say goodbyes made me tear up a little bit.  They way that the ladies gave her money for tea on her journey or the pack of people that followed her out the village will stay with me. 

Our team doesn’t really feel whole right now, but it will be okay.  I enjoyed the time I had to work  with her and things I learned in our short time.  She will be missed.  
P.S Caro– I was super sad that I had to pee off our “deck” by myself. miss you, friend. 
[Update: Carolina’s father is getting better and there have been some finical miracles.  I am so happy to report that Caro is back with the team.  This makes me happy on so many levels… one level is knowing I have someone to pee with at night.]
Caro, Ali, and I.

Caro, Ali, and I.


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