Funerals, Rabies, and Visits from Home

Today kind of sucked because my dog was killed. Franklin was probably the first thing I really loved about our home. He would follow us everywhere- he would go tell stories with us, he would come and check on us, he would go to the jungle with us. He was just a good dog.

This is Franklin.

This is Franklin.

Long story, short- they thought he had rabies- they decided to stone him- horrifically he didn’t die. Vin had to go over and finish killing him. It was the most depressing thing ever!! He didn’t have rabies- he was just injured and kids treat dogs so bad- so he bit a couple of them. It might be the saddest day ever. I really am going to miss my Nepali dog.

Extra news- The dog did bite Vin though- so lindy brought him a rabies shot.

Josh in lieu of flowers brought us some crackers, dr. pepper, and some spreadable cheese from kathmandu. It might have been the nicest thing ever- When josh and lindy came back from their break they also brought Lindy’s brother and wife. The Burgbachers.

Burgbacher family making pasta in the village.

Burgbacher family making pasta in the village.

They stayed in the village with us for two days- and got a sneak peak into the life of a villager. It was funny to see them struggle with the bathroom. They brought us a BUNCH of things from America that a bunch of people bought for us! If you contributed- you are amazing, we love you, and we hate you because it became impossible to lose weight when there is a beef stick hanging around.

Lady Burbs and I.

Lady Burbs and I.


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I am 25 years old. I work in Charleston. I have a pretty ridiculous imagination. If I were quieter I think I could of been an amazing librarian or museum curator. I love crafting and reading books. If I don't know something, normally I will just make it up and say it with confidence. If I had more courage I could of been a stand-up comedian. I love learning facts and quotes...and one day I will try out for jeopardy.
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