The more the merrier.

I forget who it was or what we were talking about but, the topic was about language- and how you can see what is the most important thing to that people group but how many words they have for it-  I don’t know if that is true- but it sounds good.  

Here in Nepal I would have to say that it is rice and family.  The word for rice in Nepali is bhat.  However- that is only what it is called if the rice is cooked.  If the rice is in the field it is called daun and if it is uncooked but harvested it is called chammel.  This makes sense because rice is considered a sacred food.  It is kinda a big deal- you can’t eat rice cooked for you by someone from a lower caste or even a lower level of your own caste- it is kind of insane
The other one is family.  Everyone has a separate name and hierarchy.  It isn’t just sister and brother but older sister/younger sister same with brothers….and more often that name is used rather than their actual name It makes me laugh because it is such a western thing to ask for someones name.  Normally mothers with have to give it a minute before they remember their kids name because they never use it  Aunt and uncles are depended on if you the brother to the father or the mother…and if you the older brother or younger brother….it all matters.
It make me kind of sad when I realized the only thing I could think of for American culture that has a crazy amont of names — is money…. dollars, bucks, benjamines, dough, mullah, coins, cash, bills….

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I am 25 years old. I work in Charleston. I have a pretty ridiculous imagination. If I were quieter I think I could of been an amazing librarian or museum curator. I love crafting and reading books. If I don't know something, normally I will just make it up and say it with confidence. If I had more courage I could of been a stand-up comedian. I love learning facts and quotes...and one day I will try out for jeopardy.
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