Ultimate- best game ever.

I love ultimate frisbee, it is one of the best games ever. We used to play it after church every Sunday, Thursday, and sometimes on Wednesday. Brooke and I used to be the only girls that would play- but it was actually better that way. [Ladies would play when they were trying to impress dudes…. but basically they ended up standing in the end zone] Moving to Nepal I knew I was going to miss it.Trashcan Lid Ultimate.

While in Kathmandu, Vin and I found a league. We only got to play for a couple Saturdays- but it was amazing. I only knew three people- but I WISHED Brooke was there for the people watching. There was a guy that looked like Thor and yelled at everyone and growled.

One day, Vin and I were bored and tired, and a trashcan lid looked like the golden opportunity to play the great game. It worked pretty decent considering it was too big, had a handle, and we live on the side of a mountain.

Missing the frisbee means going to the wheat fields.

Missing the frisbee means going to the wheat fields.

I loved every minute of it.

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The more the merrier.

I forget who it was or what we were talking about but, the topic was about language- and how you can see what is the most important thing to that people group but how many words they have for it-  I don’t know if that is true- but it sounds good.  

Here in Nepal I would have to say that it is rice and family.  The word for rice in Nepali is bhat.  However- that is only what it is called if the rice is cooked.  If the rice is in the field it is called daun and if it is uncooked but harvested it is called chammel.  This makes sense because rice is considered a sacred food.  It is kinda a big deal- you can’t eat rice cooked for you by someone from a lower caste or even a lower level of your own caste- it is kind of insane
The other one is family.  Everyone has a separate name and hierarchy.  It isn’t just sister and brother but older sister/younger sister same with brothers….and more often that name is used rather than their actual name It makes me laugh because it is such a western thing to ask for someones name.  Normally mothers with have to give it a minute before they remember their kids name because they never use it  Aunt and uncles are depended on if you the brother to the father or the mother…and if you the older brother or younger brother….it all matters.
It make me kind of sad when I realized the only thing I could think of for American culture that has a crazy amont of names — is money…. dollars, bucks, benjamines, dough, mullah, coins, cash, bills….
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Give me Candy!

I know that my team is comprised of adults of various ages but there is one thing that we all struggle with….and it is candy. Some people, mainly Vinnie, eats enough candy to have diabetes.

Candy is one of the things that we can find pretty close in the city and the haul to the village- and it makes everyone feel better. Sure the snickers was made in India or the Middle East but you can barely taste the difference. Our team motto could be, eat a snickers. Having a hard day, go eat a snickers; having a great day, go eat a snickers, hungry? snickers is the best meal replacement, [according to josh] homesick, go eat a snickers…. the possibilities are endless and the answer is always a snickers or if you are super desperate they have these chocolate wafers called chocolate fun. [but I am convinced they cause cancer]

How did I know that the family was getting out of control? When Bob Barker’s Big Candy Blowout somehow came into reality…how this happened I have no idea [and frankly I am still confused about the name]- but it basically where the group weekly candy stash is about to be replenished and we have to eat that week’s candy. It normally means splitting a small bag of peanut m and m’s and two candy bars. It is complete with games, competition, and normally all of us sitting in my room watching tv shows on someone’s computer.

I will say that it is the perfect ending to our rest day.

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If You Want to Go Fast

I don’t know who said it- but I have heard it a couple times throughout the last year- but the quote goes if you want to go fast go alone if you want to go far go together.  I think that sound lovely…but I have a shorter more applicable quote: if you want to go either fast or far…don’t take children.
Before I start getting weird comments- let me clearly state: I love kids. They are hilarious, genuine, and fun.  I love that they usually go back to their parents.  However, here there is no ending the steady stream of children that run in and out our day.   Whether its doing the dishes, cleaning my room, doing some laundry…or showering.  They are right there watching our every move, waiting to see what is going on, and where we are going.
These girls are so cute...but chock full of mischief.

These girls are so cute…but chock full of mischief.

These two following us a lot- this is Alina and ….a little girl’s name is so hard to say we refer to her as Raju’s middle daughter.  What should of taken ten minutes ended up taking 40 minutes.  It didn’t really matter- and besides they are super cute.

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Can you please get me out of the harness, bob!!

So while on retreat we had the opportunity to go parasailing.  It is awesome! At first I was a little apprehensive.  I have a firm belief that I should keep two feet on the ground.  But the Vin and Caro talked me into it and then we talked Ali and Lin into it.

The first day the company kept stringing the time along- so we jumped ship and found another company.  So today we went out.  It was about a 20 minute drive up the mountain.  I was matched a Nepali Instructor named…..Bob. Yep, Bob the Nepali.  We took our gear to the mountain side.  I was the first on up. Yikes.

Bob was pretty funny- whne it was time to go his instruction was when I say Go you walk when I say Go you run…. what does that even mean… but before I could say anything the wind picked up the glider and we literally ran off the side of a mountain.

The ride was breathtaking and gorgeous.  The wind was chilled and when you hit an air pocket the air was so thin and crisp you couldn’t hear a thing.  It was like being an eagle just coasting along.  It wasn’t long before Bob asked me if I wanted to do some acribatic moves… you bet you sweet bippy Bob! We did corkscrews and swung from side to side.  He somehow did this vertical drop that left my stomach 10 feet above me.

By this time the wind is picking up and I can feel it lift us and move us around- we got caught in a couple of clouds- but I was still loving it.  So Bob was like its time to go- and I was like Bob it couldn’t have possibly been 30 minutes.  He was like, “Kendall look over at the landing field– you see how everyone is blowing over- a storm is coming and we gotta get out of the sky…” that was a good enough for me.  I am too young to die- plus my mom would never let me forgot it if I died. [she would find me in heaven one day and just lay into me]


I stole this from a brochure... our day was cloudy you couldn't see the white caps.

I stole this from a brochure… our day was cloudy you couldn’t see the white caps. This is the lake I “fell” in.

So we started to descend and the people who landed infront of us couldn’t get control of their sail so Bob has to back up so we didn’t tangled- but when we backed out the wind caught us and we started deciding straight into the lake.  As we are going down I just start thinking…great I am going to drown, my mom is going to be so disappointed all that money for swim team and I am going to drown in 3 feet of water.

So of course I fully submerge in the water- and Bob who was strapped behind me falls on top of me and then our sail falls right on top of us.  I can’t stand up or move or breathe… and I am just so disappointed that I am going to drown in standing water– but finally Bob gets the sail under control and I can stand.  Bob looks so sad and scared and he is just apologizing and asking if I am okay…. and the wind is picking us up and dragging us further in the lake- So I just look at Bob and say ” Get me unhooked from the freaking sails, Bob”  I think my terse response unfazed Bob and he got us disconnected and I swam the 100 yards to land.


This is the lake I "fell" in.

This is the lake I “fell” in.

It was really funny! I am glad that I didn’t do.  We all seemed to have a traumatic time- Vinnie got dragged 20 feet on road when he landed, Lin got picked up by the wind when she was in line waiting for her launch- Carol tripped off the mountain when she was running off it- and the wind was so bad when alisha was about to go they didn’t let her go.

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Road Trippin’

Doesn’t matter if it was moving from ocean to ocean, or with my college roommates, or just driving to Charlotte with Brooke.  I love extended trips in the car- I love the driving, the sitting, the magazines, the movies, the food, the music— Love it all. Here in Nepal it is no different-

We are heading to a retreat and in normal places the road trip  might be like four hours…..here it is like 16 because of how the roads work.  Josh and Lin flew because our truck only holds 4 people…when we are all driving vin and I sit in the bed of the truck [don’t worry mom it has a cover on it]  But when we dropped them off at the airport…a 4 hour drive away- I decided to just stay in the bad.  I like the back because I can sprawl out- its a constant source of wind, and you don’t bounce around so much because your center of gravity is low.

[While reflecting on today I realize that it is stupid and unsafe to ride in the back of the truck…but then I realized its probably safer than riding up front.]
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Swiss Family Robinson

Sometimes I liken this adventure to the Robinson Family- and yesterday was no different.   We were walking home from a neighboring village- it was only like 30 minutes from our village…and there we saw it…. a water hole.  Because we are just getting out of monsoon- this was the first time that the “pool” wasn’t half jacuzzi half class five water falls- it was perfection.  So we jumped in and swam around.  It was amazing.  I felt a little bad because it was only Lin and Alisha…. Caro and Vin were back at the house… oh well, you snooze you lose.
I didn’t even have to worry about River Monsters because it is really just a huge stream from a mountain run off— no fish, no sharks, nothing that Brooke said would kill me.


Our Pool

Our Pool

View from the top.

View from the top.

Waterfall creating the pool

Waterfall creating the pool

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